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Set Up Clean

Set Up Clean

Daily System Clean

Daily System Clean

Carry Stop

Carry Stop

  • Carry Stop Concentrate for 100 liter
  • For continuous cleaning as an additive

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An Overview of the Product Features:

Set Up Clean

Set Up Clean is an intensive alkaline cleaning agent for analytical and pipetting robots. Set Up Clean concentrate is a combination of three highly effective tensides for removing biological deposits. The strong microbiocidal and cleaning action is proven to ensure improved removal of stubborn contaminations - such as by microbes, proteins, lipids and anorganic substances - at places that are not accessible to mechanical cleaning. Even so, the concentrate is gentle on equipment surfaces.

  • is able to attack even encapsulated films of microbial fungi, algae, bacteria and viruses in heavily contaminated automatic systems
  • ruptures the germ cell walls (killing off all microbes, even encapsulated viruses)
  • accelerates the breakdown of the material surface by micelle formation
  • ensures that floating microbial fragments are flushes out of the system by rinsing

Click here for: Set Up Clean Safety Data Sheet

Daily System Clean

Daily System Clean is a weakly acidic cleaning agent with a pH value of 4. It is designed for regular daily cleaning of the automatic system at the end of the daily routine. Like Set Up Clean, a cocktail of specific highly active cationic and non-ionic tensides generates an intensive cleaning action. Daily System Clean is, however, less aggressive than the highly alkaline Set Up Clean. Due to the solution's weakly acidic character, established microbial films cannot be "dislodged". Smaller microbial colonies in the tube system that form daily can however be effectively broken up and washed away during rinsing. The formation of microbial films is nipped in the bud.
The combination of Set Up Clean and Daily System Clean is ideal for the care of laboratory robot systems.

  • Weakly acidic cleaning agent with a pH value of 4
  • Environmentally friendly for daily use
  • With anti-bacterial and fungicidal effect
  • Immediate prevention of germs formation by rinsing the tubing system

Click here for: Daily System Clean Safety Data Sheet

Carry Stop

Carry Stop is designed for use as an additive for the system fluid in pipetting and analytical systems. It is thus always present and active during the working routine of the automatic pipetting and analytical system. Carry Stop only contains a special non-ionic tenside and thus no detergents of any kind as found in "universal cleaners". This result in three decisive advantages for the safety of laboratory automation:

  • Carry Stop prevents the growth of microorganism as the robot works through its routines.
  • Carry Stop does not exert any disruptive effects on the function of enzymes and substrates in immunological test procedures.
  • Carry Stop promotes the discharge of adhering sample material from the hose/needle system during purging on completion of the pipetting process. Contamination of the subsequent sample is prevented (no carry-over effect).
  • The conductivity of Carry Stop is equal to that of distilled water.
  • Spurious detections by the pipetting needle system that can be caused by ionic detergents in standard commercially available additives for the system fluid are suppresses (no so-called air detection).

Click here for: Carry Stop Saftey Data Sheet

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Set Up Clean Concentrate

Article No.VolumeQuantity per Pack
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2000-N500 ml1

Daily System Clean Concentrate for 5 liter

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2001-N500 ml1

Carry Stop Concentrate for 100 liter

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20041000 ml1

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