Universal disposable filter tips in rack

FILTER TIPS for PCR, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology RNA / DNA FREE.

The processing of a special filter creates an efficient barrier against aerosols and vapors, as well as the penetration of radioactive, environmentally harmful or corrosive substances into the pipette body. Which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

Filter tips have been developed with an optimized cone geometry, ensuring a safe and universal fit for all common pipette brands.

  • Sterilized
  • Certified RNase and DNase free
  • Pipette tips and aerosol filters made of ultra-hydrophobic PE-HD
  • Minimal residual wetting
  • Very good fit on all common brand pipettes
  • Sizes from 10µl to 1000µl
  • Body of the tip made of pure polypropylene
  • Optimal adaptation to most pipettes on the market under a secure tightness and optimal precision.
  • Very good handling on multi-channel pipettes, makes tip attachment and ejection much easier.


The Universal Filter Tips in Rack are available in five different sizes and features: 

  • DNASE RNASE free
  • Pyrogen free
  • with Filter
  • sterile
  • fits universal pipetter
  • Material: Medical Polyethylene
  • 50 racks/ case
  • Flyer

10 µl - Article No.: PXL0010-H-ST


20 µl - Article No.: PX0020-H-ST


100 µl - Article No.: PX0100-H-ST


200 µl - Article No.: PX0200-H-ST 


1.000µl - Article No.: PX1000-H-ST


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