PCL SALIVA COVID-19 Antigen Quick Test

Saliva rapid test bears his name with good reason: The result is available in 10 minutes.



The COVID-19 Antigen test from PCL is very easy to use and requires no specialist knowledge. The evidence of a possible corona infection is comfortable done in only 10 minutes with a little saliva. The procedure consequently dispenses with the unpleasant and sometimes painful nasorpharyngeal swabs.

This makes the test ideally suited as a quick detection of the risk potential in sensitive areas of clinics, care facilities, test centers, companies, industries and practices.



The product has been developed in elaborate methods and has been approved by the competent authorities. The proven test results are excellent:

The clinical sensivity is 94 %, the clinical specifity is 100 %.


The test consists of:

  • 1 test card
  • 1 extraction buffer tube
  • 1 filter cap
  • 1 funnel applicator

 The smallest packaging unit contains 50 tests.



The German Society for Development (GFE), backed by the German and Bavarian Red Cross, has been researching and developing in the field of blood donation diagnostics for 14 years.

50 % of all German blood donations are tested by GFE. This immense experience was instrumental in the practical implementation of Saliva antigen test. You therefore receive a product of highest quality and, in the case of quick tests, of value that have hardly ever been achieved.

The convenient handling will significantly increase the readiness for regular testing and supports in particular the operational measures for pandemic preparedness.


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